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Jul 01 2008


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A problem facing all urban areas in South East Asia, as well as in other developing countries is how to meet the growing demand for person movement. Traffic congestion has existed in urban areas since many years ago. Transport infrastructure and congestion issues are high on the agenda of such urban problems. The problem is not just a matter of traffic congestion, but it is one of regional planning. The planning has emphasized economic growth while paying little heed of traffic impact assessment. This is typical of the problems facing many South East Asian Cities, not least those of Indonesia, and reinforces the need of broader view in tackling urban transport problems than hitherto generally employed.
According to the Indonesian Development Plan, traffic management strategies should be implemented as follows:
a. development mass transportation system which should be well-run with reasonable price, efficient and safe.
b. development the road network which has the least negative environmental and social impact,
c. development integrated public transport system
d. development traffic management strategies to achieve high efficiency and high quality of service.


Prof. Bijon B. Sarma: Dhaka City’s Transport Problem

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